Linia Geo

The GEO Line includes compact sized hydraulic drilling rigs mounted on rubber or steel crawler tracks and covering the full spectrum of geotechnical activities, such as soil investigations carried out with destructive and non-destructive coring techniques, in situ penetration tests (SPT), sample collection, installation of piezometers, inclinometers and other geotechnical instrumentation.

Besides geotechnical investigation in the strict sense, the drilling rigs of the GEO Line can be used for environmental studies and monitoring activities.

GEO 700
GEO 602 GT
GEO 901
GEO 900
GEO 655
GEO 602
GEO 601
GEO 600
GEO 501
GEO 500
GEO 405
GEO 300
GEO 105
GEO 205
GEO 305