Linia MC-T

Created mainly for the geotechnical investigations field and environmental monitoring, the MC-T line comprises a variety of truck-mounted hydraulic drill rigs covering a vast spectrum of geotechnical works, including destructive and non-destructive coring techniques, in situ penetration tests (SPT), sample collection, installation of piezometers, inclinometers and other geotechnical instrumentation.

Thanks to the mast pull up force and rotary head torque output the drilling rigs of the MC-T line are also ideally suitable for water well drilling, geothermal drilling and mining exploration.

Powered by the truck engine through PTO or auxiliary hydraulic power pack, the drilling rigs are equipped with advanced modular hydraulic circuits that allow the installation of a wide range of rotary heads capable of operating all rotary and/or rotary-percussive drilling systems, coring equipment and wire line systems.

Each machine offers many possibilities of customization thanks to a vast choice of accessories such as mud pumps, lifting devices for rods and casings, wire-line winches etc.

The machines of the MC-T line are equipped with hydraulic proportional servo-assisted controls accessible from a remote control panel that allows the operator to keep a safe distance from the equipment while maintaining a complete vision of the work area.
The machines of the MC-T line stand for reliability, high productivity and robustness and are able to operate in the most challenging environments.

MC-T 20
MC-T 15
MC-T 10
MC-T 7
MC-T 30