Stop with the weight of hoses and shotcrete nozzle in your hands

Dinosauro can be installed on excavators from 3300 to 33000 lbs. It carry back cement hoses, air hoses and silicate hoses.
Dinosauro is utilized for major or minor construction sites.
The regulator applied on the sleeve of Dinosauro, in relation to the distance from the wall, allow to operate directly on the shotcrete spray’s curve, this curve can be modify according to the exigences.
Dinosauro can be applied in 5 minutes and works by the excavator’s hydraulic circuit.
Dinosauro has no electric al components.
It is ready to work and it need no other component for ITS working.

Libero 2013 is design to measure pressure, delivery and volume of mixture injected monitoring automatically, according to the setted data on the injector.
Libero during the work produce a graphic of pressure in function of time and output volumes and it’s not necessary to unload the data and to reprocess them Through the software supplied it’s possible by a usb flash drive to load all recorded data during the injection.
Always with the same software you may have the same data developed in a graphic form.
Libero can be applied on every electric injector.